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Song title
  • "When I Fell"
Uploaded December 12, 2015, with 32,200+ YouTube views and 8,000+ SoundCloud views
  • GHOST (music, lyrics, illust, PV)


"When I Fell" is an original song by GHOST. The song is about someone who encountered a person in their life who gained their trust in order to manipulate them. The person went even as far as to convince the one they manipulated to commit suicide.

The YouTube upload's audio was replaced with stock music as a joke but as it was irreversible, it has stayed that way. The SoundCloud and Dropbox links are untouched, however.


You showed me videos recorded twenty-five years ago
Please don't ever leave me alone

I tried to hold it in
You knew the pain I felt when I fell
And I still remember
Your heartbeat

You told me stories
Of how to end my--

Waiting for a better day
There couldn't be a better way
Just look out the window and you'll see how everything's ok

I tried to bottle up my feelings
You knew the pain I felt when I fell
And I still remember
How much I hated you

You told me stories
Of how to end my misery

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