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  • "When It Rains"
Uploaded May 1, 2016, with 37,400+ YouTube views and 21,800+ SoundCloud views
  • Jayn (music, lyrics, mix, tuning)
  • Rillie (illustration)


"When It Rains" is a short original love song produced by Jayn which was first uploaded to SoundCloud. According to the producer, she wrote this song for her boyfriend. [1]

On May 14, 2016, an official music video of the song was uploaded to YouTube.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Jayn's Cover
Featuring Jayn
Author(s) Jayn (music, vocals, mix, lyrics), Rillie (illustration)
Category Succeeding version, Human cover


Hey, how long has it been?
The years passed by without me even noticing
Oh, we're not children anymore
We've both grown up but I feel the same
321 - and then I was yours
Like 123, you opened the door
Just like a little kid
You barged your way into my heart

Drip drip drop - as we watch the rain
I wonder if you feel the same
Your hand links with mine as it pours
Just as autumn turns to winter
And the flowers bloom for spring
Just as springtime turns to summer
This life we share keeps changing
But I will love you even when all the stars burn away

Just as nightfall turns to daytime
And the sun breaks through a storm
I will be here for forever
And when times get hard I'll still want to be yours
When you fall down, I'll take care of you
When you're lonely, I'm there for you
"I love you", "I love you" won't change
I'll still always hold your hand when it rains



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