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  • "Where is my utopia?"
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  • mynist


Soft dictatorship in a fictional society.

Hello, I'm 32. (That's not my age, just the name I go by on the internet.)

I hope you can enjoy this song. Any comment is truly welcomed.

Thank you for reading and listening.

Where is my utopia? is an original song by mynist featuring YOHIOloid.


There’s no truth, there’s no lie. There’s no evil nor good
There’s no fear, there’s no hope in their eyes
They’re just puppets in his hands
Dead puppets with a heart in their chests
Bowing their heads for their GOD, master of their lives

Where’s the truth? It’s a lie, it’s all an illusion
He’s alive and he caught a virus called [THOUGHT]
Where’re your memories? Where’re your dreams?
Hear your heart and raise your voice
You’re suffocating in this world, so destroy it
Because you’re in pain and you need to scream

We will fight for brighter tomorrows
This is our revolution
Let’s be masters of our minds, let’s be owners of our souls
Tomorrow the sun will rise again, but it’ll never be the same
We’ll paint the face of freedom with colors of our hearts

A seed of hope in their brains
They’re heading for the light
Unaware of the stains in their hearts
Taking their fate in their hands
There’s no GOD, there’s no master above
Cut the strings, draw your wings
You’re masters of your lives

We have fears and we have hopes
Put to silence for too long
We’re suffocating in this world, so we’ll change it
Because we’re alive and we need to breath

Reaching out for brighter tomorrows
As we break free from our chains
Let’s be masters of our thoughts, let’s be owners of our dreams
Tomorrow the sun will shine again and it’ll never be the same
We’ll play the sound of freedom with the music in our hearts

Now we’re free to thing and feel and dream
But every soul is crying
We’re breaking our minds apart, we’re tearing our hearts apart
Tomorrow the sun will set again and nothing will ever change
The sky is always glowing red
Mirror of our bleeding world

Why the bloodbaths?
Why the stupid wars over difference in ideas?
Let’s all think and feel the same, let’s all dream and wish the same
Tomorrow the day will die again and the moon’ll erase our pain
Illusion of a hazy bliss
Is this my UTOPIA?????

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