"whiteout" is 8#Prince's second Vocaloid album, released at THE VOC@LOID M@STER 14. It contains 10 tracks sung by Miku, GUMI and Luka. The album also features guest participation of three other producers.

The crossfade of the album is available to view on Nico Nico Douga.
The official site is located here.
After the event, the CD was distributed through Animate, D-STAGE, Melonbooks and Toranoana.

Released November 14, 2010
Producer Hachiouji-P
Price ¥1,470
Illust. TNSK
Label Plug::8
Track list
1. intro+
Hatsune Miku
2. アオイロノユメ -GUMI ver.-
Aoiro no Yume -GUMI ver.- / Blue Colored Dream -GUMI ver.-
3. Mad Lovers
Megurine Luka
4. Cosmic Pulsation
Hatsune Miku
(composed by Kazu-P)
5. エレクトリック・ラブ -Electric* Re:Edit-
Electric Love -Electric* Re:Edit-
Hatsune Miku
6. whiteout
Hatsune Miku
7. rock
Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka
8. エレクトリック・スター
Electric Star
9. Distorted Princess -SuketchP rmx-
Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka
(remix by Suketch-P)
10. KOOL -emon(Tes.) Remix-
Hatsune Miku
(remix by emon)
Distorted Princess CD
Distorted Princess
Xxxx the ripper
×××× the ripper