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"Who Killed Poor Eliza?" is an original song HeidenBZR featuring BIG AL, Tonio and GUMI.


Who did it?

Hi! My name is Dan, I am the last man in your life.
I prepare the last bed for you and I present you flowers.
I’m not feeling lonely here among the graves and crosses,
But sometimes I miss the warmth of the living words of the vived people.

Once I saw a nice girl, when I came out in a city.
Then I civilized myself more often for Eliza.
We talked, walked, sang and argued. Such a great union.
So many common themes for the surgeon and the grave-digger!

My dear dead friend Billy:
"Do not tell me that you're in love, guy!
This is truly absurd. She is a squeamish one.
Guy, this girl will not come to your house for tea,
And won't let you to hers."

My dear dead girlfriend Rose:
"What are you talking (a)bout, Mr. Bill? Look at her!
Her eyes are shining, hands are trembling, she`s pulling closer!
You are destined to be with her, Mr. Dan
Just beg the Destiny. "

How do you like my little Eliza?
"She's so cute"
"She's so cute"

Well my dear dead friends were chatting a lot those days,
Talking about my relationships with a lovely alive Eliza.
Well, they're dead, my friends, what can they do about it?
What else to do after death, if not to chat?

Destiny is fake, but I don't disdain any methods.
I asked without belief in words. And what do you think?
Dear Eliza, she became my bride, didn`t she?
She was brought to me, white, still, lifeless.

Hunter, who was too good, Billy:
"I knew that it would be shit end!
Your Eliza is dead, how do you like it?
Perhaps if she had not met you,
Now she would be alive? "

Too influential Countess Rose:
"Don't talk nonsense, Mr. Bill, everything goes right.
Mr. Den, the fate answered you, by the simplest way...
Here is your beloved Eliza, beautiful and free,
Waiting for you in her last bed!.."

Who killed poor Eliza?
"I don't know"
"I don't know"
Well who killed my poor Eliza?
"I didn't see"
"I didn't, too"
Who did kill The Poor Eliza?
"We haven't seen anything ...
...don't worry"

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