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  • "why"
Uploaded Jun 9, 2014, with 11,300+ YouTube views and 4,900+ SoundCloud views
  • AdyS (Music, Lyrics)
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Background Edit

I have listened to too much of this j-rock band called ling tosite sigure lately, and i really love their style and they have inspired me to make this.

btw lately i have some troubles of rendering anything(or doing anything at all) cause my laptop just dies, im thinking of buying a fan because i think it's because of overheating but then im not sure if that's gonna solve the problem but then buying a new laptop doesnt seem to be a bad idea because this laptop is old but then i dont have enough money but then if i dont do anything about it i wont be able to do anything arghhh

A hard rock song about the singer's hopelessness, and desire to quit life to see if anything will happen. The feelings of loneliness following a break-up, and the depressing battle waged for her life afterwards.

Lyrics Edit

I know I know
That no one would care
But I still scream anyway

I paint it on the wall
Turn on all the lights
I'm trying too hard to wake you up

Covering my wounds
Clean up the knives
I don't choose to be this way

Unlock the doors
I let myself hurt
But I don't want to stay here anymore

Time to say goodbye
I want to go away far from here

I run and run
Forget everything
I don't want to feel the pain

No words to say
There's nothing to remember
I just want to hold your hand

What ist here to see
I'll never understand
I'm so sick
I'm gonna tear everything apart

Why can't I open my eyes
I try too hard not to cry
What if I try to jump
Will it end the pain

Time to say goodbye
I want to go away far from here

I don't belong here
I see a distant light
I gotta move on

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