Song title
Uploaded October 17, 2015, with 30+ views
Hatsune Miku
ukim (music)
chickadee (lyrics)
SoundCloud Broadcast

Background Edit

"Wishes" is an original Hatsune Miku song. It was entered in the HATSUNE MIKU EXPO SONG CONTEST.

Lyrics Edit

Shooting star girl
Wandering through the sky

Where do you go alone?
It seems like you are lost
Do you know which way to go?
Is there something there to know?

Take my hand and we'll find
All the wishes of this world
So we can light up and make them all
Now become all shiny and new

Come, let's light the world with dreams
And everyone will see
How beautiful the world can be
When we share dreams
And our wishes

A stray dream left behind
Can still become one saved
When it is nourished with love
And it can get help from friends

Take my hand once again
I don't want you left behind
What's your wish? I wanna make your dream
Now become a reality

Come, let's light the world with dreams
And everyone will see
How beautiful the wish you have
Can be this way

With your wish
And with another
We'll connect
The visions they each had for the world
When we do this
They're something new
We'll show these new wishes to the world

Wishes we've shared
Shooting like stars
The light from all of the world's dreams
Everyone please
Keep dreaming everyday
Because that is my one dearest wish

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