Image of "Without You"
Song title
  • "Without You"
Uploaded 2004
  • Unknown female singer (lead vocal)
  • LOLA (back vocal)
  • Andy Power (music, lyrics)


Without You is a VOCALOID demonstration song, it is available as a free download on Zero-G.

Production detailsEdit

Another demo with a REAL SINGER on the lead vocal and Vocaloid LOLA providing all the backing vocals. This short laid back jazzy song was written by Andy Power. Andy synced up the Vocaloid software via ReWire to Cubase SX. This enabled him to work purely in the Vocaloid editor, as pressing 'Play' in Vocaloid also started Cubase in sync. This set-up also works from Cubase (as he was recording the second guitar track, Vocaloid was also playing along in time - flawlessly). Thanks to the ReWire connection, he was also able to send each voice (Vocaloid Track) to a different track within the Cubase mixer, enabling him to use separate EQ and effects etc on each individual channel. Whilst the (real) person singing the lead line won't exactly win any prizes, the backing vocals (sung by a machine) are pretty convincing!


I should go
Can't love you no longer
Can't wait no longer
Without you

If I called
Oh, won't you be with me?
My baby, with me
Without you

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