"wonder wander" is Karasuyasabou's first album. It features mainly Kagamine Rin, but also Kagamine Len. Tracks three, four, six, and nine were new at the time of release (track three has since been uploaded). Track 10 is a bonus track arranged by kurage-P. It was first distributed at THE VOC@LOiD M@STER 16.

A crossfade can be seen here

Released June 12, 2011
Producer Karasuyasabou, kurage-P
Price ¥1,000
Illust. Komakoshi
Track list
1. モノクロームモノローグ
Monochrome Monologue
Kagamine Len
2. fairy falling
Kagamine Rin sweet
3. ウタカタノウタ
Utakata no Uta
Kagamine Rin sweet
4. snow-white silly story
Kagamine Len
5. チェックエンチェイス
Check and Chase
Kagamine Rin
6. honey holic
Kagamine Rin sweet
7. シンデレラシンドローム
Cinderella Syndrome
Kagamine Rin warm&sweet
8. wonder wander
Kagamine Rin
9. メメントメモリイ
Memento Memory
Kagamine Rin sweet
10. さいごのよるのきりん -サボウアレンジ-
Saigo no Yoru no Kirin - Sabou Arenji - / Last Night Giraffe - Erosion Control Arrange-
kurage-P feat. Kagamine Rin
Who are you
who are you?