World Lovers ft Avanna
Song title
"World Lovers"
Uploaded Apr 12, 2013, with 270+ views
Nanamili (music, lyrics)
YouTube Broadcast


Nanamili's first attempt at drumstep.


If I was the tide
And you were the moon
Would you bring me higher
Would you raise my level

And if I was the earth
And you were the sun
Would you light my world up
Would you warm my planet

The wind blows in my eyes
It makes me want to cry
Because the feelings dry
I need some passion
So I look to the sky
I think of you and then I'm feeling fine


The sun shines on my skin
It lifts my feelings up
Cause the sun's so bright
I need a lover
So I look at the sea
I think you and then I'm feeling free.

Chorus x2

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