"Worlds" is a debut album by American electronic music producer Porter Robinson. It contains 12 songs featuring Amy Millan, Breanne Düren, Sean Caskey, AVANNA, Lemaitre, Imaginary Cities, Urban Cone, Breanne Duren, and Amanda Lee.

A remix of the album was released on October 2, 2015 dubbed Worlds Remixed.

This album received generally positive reviews. Its Metacritic score is 63, based on 35 reviews. The album peaked at first place on the US Dance/Electronic Albums (Billboard) and at 18th place on the US Billboard 200.

Worlds Porter Robinson
Released August 4, 2014 (Digital first-listen)
August 12, 2014 (released)
Producer Porter Robinson
Price 9.99 Digital / 1.29 (Singles)
Label Astralwerks
Track list
1. Divinity
Amy Millan
2. Sad Machine
Porter Robinson & AVANNA
3. Years of War
Breanne Duren & Sean Caskey
4. Flicker
Text-to-Speech program
5. Fresh Static Snow
6. Polygon Dust
7. Hear the Bells
Imaginary Cities
8. Natural Light
unknown vocalist
9. Lionhearted
Urban Cone
10. Sea of Voices
Breanne Duren (uncredited)
11. Fellow Feeling
Amanda Lee
12. Goodbye To A World

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