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"Xīn Huá" (心華) is Xin Hua's second official album and holds ten tracks. It mainly consists of her demo songs and popular originals.  There is a bonus track that features Chifan, an Utaite.

Xin hua album
Released February 4th, 2016
Producer Various
Price 380TWD
Illust. Fangxiang Cuoluan (方向錯亂)
Track list
1. 魔法旋律
Mófǎ Xuánlǜ / Magic Melody
HoneyWorks feat. Xin Hua
Shī / Poem
doriko feat. Xin Hua
3. 御守
Yùshǒu / Omamori
Hoskey feat. Xin Hua
4. 讓我為你唱
Ràng Wǒ Wèi Nǐ Chàng / LET ME SING FOR YOU
Alex feat. Xin Hua
Guāng / Light
Chunbai-P feat. Xin Hua
6. 我們的弾幕青春
Wǒmen de Dànmù Qīngchūn / Our Danmaku Youth
VelecTi feat. Xin Hua
7. 星雨之夜
Xīng Yǔ Zhī Yè / Night of Rain and Stars
ilem feat. Xin Hua
8. 雨後
Yǔ Hòu / After the Rain
Kou feat. Xin Hua
9. Restart!
Heyuan Ling Xu feat. Xin Hua
10. 魔法旋律
Mófǎ Xuánlǜ / Magic Melody
Honeyworks feat. Chifan
Xin hua first CD
-Xin Hua- first CD

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