(Xīng / Star) (Dr. Yun's First Album Chinese Ver.) is Luo Tianyi's 4th official album and consists of 7 songs. The songs were translated from Korean to Chinese by Merlin of VOCALOID CHINA. The original album was also titled Star, and features SeeU.

This album can be purchased along with the original album at the CreCrew Store. It was also available on taobao, but only for a limited amount of time and is now sold out.

Cd cover4
Released March 23, 2013
Producer Various
Price 59 RMB
Track list
1. From. 天依
From Tiānyī / From Tianyi
Qianbi feat. Luo Tianyi
2. 停止时间的女孩
Tíngzhǐ Shíjiān de Nǚhái / The Child Who Stops Time
Maomaochong feat. Luo Tianyi
Xīng / Star
GhostFinal feat. Luo Tianyi
4. Burn (烧)
Tiaonan-P feat. Luo Tianyi
5. Why (为什么)
GhostFinal feat. Luo Tianyi
6. Be My Boy (是我的男孩)
Shì Wǒ de Nánhái
Tiaonan-P feat. Luo Tianyi
7. Paparoach (靠近)
Qianyimohua-P feat. Luo Tianyi
Cd cover3
Mèng de qī cì fāng (梦的七次方)

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