Xīng Yuàn (Star Wish) is an official album featuring Stardust. Some songs were featured as her official demos.

It is available for purchase on taobao. The crossfade could be viewed through bilibili and YouTube.

Starwish album
Released April 5, 2016
Producer Various
Price 50 - 100 RMB
Illust. Nine
Label Quadimension
Track list
1. StarLaLaLa
2. 观星者
Guān Xīng Zhě / Stargazers
Senjougahara Yousei
3. Solar Storm
Li Zong
4. Twinkle Star
Xiaoye Dao
5. 星之伊始
Xīngzhī Yīshǐ / The Beginning of a Star
Tian Qin
6. 徒劳的爱之美少女
Túláo de Ài zhī Měi Shàonǚ
7. 时一现耳三千岁
Shí Yī Xiàn Ěr Sānqiān Suì
8. 星愿
Xīng Yuàn / Star Wish
Star whisper album
Xīng Yǔ (星语)

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