"Yì Xiāng" (憶香/忆香) is an album by the doujinshi group Days, featuring Luo Tianyi and YANHE.

The album was available for purchase on Taobao here. However, the copies are now sold out. The product page is now there for historical purposes.

A crossfade of this album can be heard here.

Producer Days
Price 50RMB
Illust. cotta
Label Independent
Track list
1. 序曲-绛紫
Xùqǔ - jiàngzǐ / Prelude - Dark Reddish Purple
2. 芝麻香
Zhīma xiāng / Scent of Sesame
Luo Tianyi
3. 奇妙与旋律
Qímiào Yǔ Xuánlǜ
Luo Tianyi
4. 余音
Yúyīn / Lingering Sound
Luo Tianyi
5. 氤氳语
Yīnyūn Yǔ
Luo Tianyi
6. 相见欢
Soeng1 Gin3 Fun1
Luo Tianyi and YANHE
7. 门外
Mén Wài
Luo Tianyi
8. 黑白回忆
Hēibái Huíyì / Black and White Memories
Luo Tianyi

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