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Biographical information
Gender Male
Age "Supposedly around 17" [1]
Height 5'9.6" / 177cm[2]
Weight Approx. 125lbs / 57kg[2]
Product information
Company PowerFX Systems AB.
Initial release
Stable release
Operating system
Language Japanese English (Bilingual) Japflag Engflag
Distributor PowerFX Systems AB.
Voice provider YOHIO
Illustrator Sartika Nurhasanah
Reduced no.
Affiliation YAMAHA
Website Company homepage

Product page


YOHIOloid is an English VOCALOID developed and distributed by PowerFX Systems AB. in collaboration with VocaTone, and was released in September 2013 for the VOCALOID3 engine. He is voiced by the Swedish singer, YOHIO, who provided an English and Japanese voicebank. He was expected to be released early May 2013, but was delayed.[3][4]



The name, "YOHIOloid", is taken from his provider "YOHIO" and 'loid' from "VOCALOID". The stage-name for the provider, "YOHIO", is taken from YOHIO's middle name, "Johio".

On VocaTone's Tumblr, it's mentioned that YOHIOloid has no given name. However, they talked about fans referring to him as "Hio" or "Yohi". It's also mentioned that members of VocaTone have often referred to him as "Hio" in official talks.[5]

The name in the reference sheets for the little creature alongside his official artwork is "CUBI".


YOHIOloid was not a normal PowerFX VOCALOID release and as a result, YOHIOloid is the first PowerFX VOCALOID who is not confirmed to be "monster-themed".

The design was picked by YOHIO himself, so the final concept was driven by YOHIO's own personal preference.


YOHIOloid's personality is still left up for fans to decide. However, his illustrator, Sartika Nurhasanah, describes him as "friendly, easy going, and responsible" and that he sometimes "looks funny."[2]

Along with CUBI, YOHIOloid has many pets. A female cube who functions as a rewind button and a male cube who functions as a fast-forward button, and they are the younger siblings of CUBI. There is another cube that walks on four legs and is a rectangle, it functions as a box to store a microphone. The older sister of CUBI is a cat-like cube that constantly searches for information on the internet and the older brother of CUBI is a large bulky amp. His only non-technological pet is a black cat that wears a yellow ribbon.

VOCALOID ReleasesEdit

Examples of UsageEdit

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Southern Cross 2011 / 403
Southern Cross 2011 / 403
Author(s) Ann-Melts P
Category Cover song Featuring YOHIOloid (lead), Megurine Luka, Sweet ANN, BIG AL (chorus)
Niconico YouTube (by author)
Heartbreak Hotel
Heartbreak Hotel
Author(s) 8Derone Romaji/English Heartbreak Hotel
Category Cover song Featuring YOHIOloid
YouTubeYouTube (Revise)
FLARE (English cover)
FLARE (English cover)
Author(s) corasundae
Category Cover song + PV Featuring YOHIOloid
YouTube SoundCloud (pitched lower)
Primadonna Boy
Primadonna Boy
Author(s) BlnkFCVideos Romaji/English Primadonna
Category Rearranged cover song Featuring YOHIOloid, Oliver (back vocal)

ORANGE LINE -piano arrange-
ORANGE LINE -piano arrange-
Author(s) EmpathP (AkiGlancy) Romaji/English ORANGE LINE
Category Arrangement, Cover song Featuring YOHIOloid
Niconico YouTube
Author(s) Saku (music, lyrics, arrangement), Nai (illust) Romaji/English Kakera (Fragment)
Category Original Featuring YOHIOloid
Niconico YouTube (official)
Author(s) haru, nachi (song, lyrics), himitsu (illust) Romaji/English Kimi Dake wo Matteru (I Only Wait for You)
Category Original Featuring YOHIOloid
Niconico YouTube
Dancing ☆ Samurai
Dancing ☆ Samurai
Author(s) Mahiruno
Category Cover song Featuring YOHIOloid [JPN] and [ENG]
Niconico YouTube

  Music featuring YOHIOloid
Simple Music.svg
Featured in ( 17 ) songs and on ( 6 ) albums. 
Listings for Featured songs and Originals / Covers
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As with past PowerFX VOCALOIDs, YOHIOloid was discussed at Vocaloid Otaku forums within the vocal's own thread.


An art related contest was held for YOHIOloid's cover art. The winning illustration became the cover art and official image of the YOHIOloid DVD; the artist received $300, a VOCALOID3 Editor and a signed copy of the DVD by YOHIO. Four runner-ups, chosen by PowerFX, received a finished copy of the DVD. The rules for entering are available on YOHIOloid's homepage.[6]

Announcement of the winner was meant to be held on the April 22nd, 2013. According to the report, the reason for the delay was because YOHIO wanted the artist to change one element about it to his favourite thing. On the 24th of April, the winner was revealed to be Sartika Nurhasanah. The runner-ups for the contest were later revealed to be Crealle, Noriko Hayashi, Celes Artemisatto and Camber Poon.

Additional InformationEdit


YOHIOloid Popularity
Though YOHIOloid was not as overall as well met as OLIVER, a couple of his demo songs received over 50,000+ views and most of them at least gained 10,000+ views, putting him above the VOCALOID2 English Vocaloid releases.

MusicTech magazine ranked YOHIOloid and the VOCALOID3 software as 7/10 and gave the overall package a good review.[7]



  • While YOHIOloid is the first English VOCALOID to be bilingual in Japanese, Megurine Luka was the first to be bilingual in both languages, with Japanese as her primary language and English as her secondary.

Notable for...Edit

  • First English VOCALOID to be bilingual
  • First bilingual VOCALOID from PowerFX
  • First English VOCALOID to be bilingual in Japanese
  • First PowerFX VOCALOID to not follow the usual "monster theme"



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