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"約束の扉" (Yakusoku no Tobira) is sigotositeP's first single to be released on KarenT, with the previous album being SS -Tobira no Mukou no Sono Saki he-. It's featured in KarenT's "MEIKO's 8th Anniversary Festival" as one of the tracks released for the day.

It consists of one track "Yakusoku no Tobira" based on the song of the same name originally uploaded for MEIKO's birthday 2012. The singles is purchasable from iTunes store and its KarenT's page can be seen here.

Shigotoshite-P single
Released November 5th 2012
Producer Shigotoshite-P
Price 150 yen
Illust. Shigotoshite-P
Label Karen-T
Track list
1. 約束の扉
Yakusoku no Tobira / Door of Promise
Rovinee SS Album Cover
SS -Tobira no Mukou no Sono Saki he-

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