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Yami no Tasogare-P (闇の黄昏P, translated as Twilight of Darkness-P) is a French male producer, is known for their last songs and projects, along with their scream effects. Mostly working with Sonianjeriku Kagamine, beginner illustrator, animator and singer, Yami no Tasogare-P uses a variety of VOCALOIDs.
STATUS:Dec 2011 → Present
GENRE:Rock. Metal. Screamo. Folk
ASSOCIATIONS:Sonianjeriku Kagamine, HaganeV3
OFFICIAL:Circle Website
Blog: Yami no Tasogare-P
URL(s)Channel: niconico, YouTube, SoundCloud
PIAPRO, Twitter, BandCamp
PLAYLIST(s):(YouTube Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "Yami no tasogare" (Dec.29.2011)
  2. "Drink my blood" (GUMI, CUL, Galaco & Lapis) (Sep.15.2012)
  3. "Yoitowarui no Kyouka" (Len, Gackpo, Yukari & VY2) (Oct.31.2012)
  4. "Mangetsu" (Miku) (Jul.21.2013)
  5. "I'm Celtic" (Avanna) (Sep.04.2013)
  6. "Ai" (Album Crossfade) (Sep.22.2013)
  7. "Mangetsu" (Album Crossfade) (Nov.15.2015)
  8. "My Little Punky" (V4 Flower, ZOLA, Anokano, YOHIOloid, CYBER DIVA) (Jul.13.2016)
  9. "Amienemi" (MAYU) (Oct.17.2016)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit

I'm Celtic

Uploaded 2013.04.09 Featuring AVANNA
Music Yami no Tasogare-P Main article I'm Celtic
Lyrics Sonianjeriku
Video Sonianjeriku (video), hai-do, Sartika3091 (illust)


Ai album
Title Ai
Moon album 3
Producer Yami no Tasogare-P Yami no Tasogare-P
Release Date September 25, 2013 November 25, 2014

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