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"Yashoku" (Midnight Snack) is Akibawota-P's third album and first best album. It features twelve tracks, mostly sung by Nekomura Iroha, with Kagamine Rin on one song and a few instrumentals.

It was released at THE VOC@LOID M@STER 28. A humorous crossfade can be seen on NicoNico Douga.

Released April 26, 2014
Producer Akibawota-P
Price ¥1,000
Label Ryūtsū no Shikumi
Track list
1. 骨とブラジャーすっぽんぽん
Hone to Burajā Supponpon
Nekomura Iroha
2. 其ノ花ハ死ヌラム。
Nekomura Iroha
3. ダーリン
4. 愚問
Gumon / Foolish Question
Nekomura Iroha
5. 女家庭教師麗子
On'na Kateikyōshi Reiko
Nekomura Iroha
6. 三文芝居
Sanmon Shibai
7. 遠隔のダンス
Enkaku no Dansu / Distant Dance
8. 東京ラテン系カーニバル
Tōkyō Raten-kei Kānibaru / Tokyo-Latin Carnival
Kagamine Rin, Nekomura Iroha
Hen / Strange
Nekomura Iroha
10. 猫だまし
Neko Damashi / Cat Trick
11. 気絶
Kizetsu / Swoon
Nekomura Iroha
12. なんだ桜もう散りやがるか
Nanda Sakura Mō Chiri ya Garu Ka
Nekomura Iroha

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