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  • "yellow lines"
Uploaded Feb.14.2015, with 3,900+ YouTube views
  • Haru-P (music, lyrics, composer)
  • candaey (illustrator)


A short song about yearning
— Haru-P

A cute song done using MEIKO's English Voicebank. Though this song mostly consists of a long instrumental intro, MEIKO is still featured here singing.

Preceding and succeeding versionsEdit

Extended Mix
Featuring MEIKO
Author(s) HaruP
Category Extended version


 When I gazed at the bright skies
I started thinking of you and I asked myself,
"Why did I fall in love with you?"
But at this moment I really can't tell why

And as these days passed by
These emotions I feel for you never subside,
It's like a day of completeness,
And keeping all my troubles and worries aside

It has been a long time,
Since I got this kind of feeling for someone
I wonder if I should wait but
When can I tell to you

What I feel for you

The whisper of your beautiful voice,
It reminds me why I always want it to hear,
Like a puzzle inside my heart,
A piece of you completes me here

I would want to be in love
And I'd like to take this one beautiful chance,
One day I'll say this to the whole world
That "I love you", and I won't let you go!

And I won't let you go

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