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Yuzuki Yukari (結月ゆかり) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed by Vocalomakets and distributed by AH-Software Co. Ltd.. She was initially released in December 2011 for the VOCALOID3 engine. She is also available as a VOICEROID+. In March 2015, she was updated to the VOCALOID4 engine and was given two additional voicebanks.[1][2] Her voice is provided by the Japanese female voice actress, Chihiro Ishiguro (石黒千尋; Ishiguro Chihiro).


The concept for Yukari is "People who are related to the VOCALOID connect the sounds/moon to one another," (VOCALOIDに縁のある人達が音(月)を結ぶ). The English title is "She unites you all with her voice." She is loosely inspired by the legend of the moon rabbit.

Her age, weight and height were supplied in "ボカロPlus vol.4". According to Vocalomakets member, Kagome-P, she is a cup size A or B.[3]


Her family name, "Yuzuki", is derived from the words connect and moon. Her given name, "Yukari", is from connection or relation. It can also mean "violet," in relation to her color scheme.

Examples of UsageEdit

There are a list of songs featuring the VOCALOID Yuzuki_Yukari (結月ゆかり). Songs listed here may have Yuzuki_Yukari singing as the main singer, or as a backup. VOCALOID Yuzuki_Yukari is featured in 54 Songs and on 49 Albums- on this wiki. For notable songs by statistical views see the Songs featuring Yuzuki_Yukari page. And for song listings, see these pages for Originals and Covers.

Yuzuki Yukariogo

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Romaji/English Shiawase ni Nareru Kakushi Command ga Arurashii (There's Supposed to Be a Cheat Code for Happiness)
Featuring Yuzuki Yukari
Author(s) Utata-P
Category Original song
Romaji/English Yuka Yuka☆Heavenly Night
Featuring Yuzuki Yukari
Author(s) samfree
Category Original song
Romaji/English Soukyoku-sei Tranquilizer (Bipolar Tranquilizer)
Featuring Yuzuki Yukari
Author(s) Nami (Oyakata-P)
Category Original song
Romaji/English Crow Girl
Featuring Yuzuki Yukari
Author(s) Yono-P
Category Original song

Additional informationEdit


Yuzuki Yukari is aimed at the producers themselves rather than the general VOCALOID fandom. She was also made to be capable of being bought with many different other software bundles, including both her VOICEROID and VOCALOID versions, as well as the software suite Music Maker MX.[4]

See also: Yuzuki Yukari/Marketing and VOCALOID in other media


Yukari has had her vocal featured in a number of additional software packages, making her vocal the most extensive of any VOCALOIDs who possess just one voicebank, and gives her, overall, the most potential thus far. Some of these packages can be bought with Yukari upon purchase, although users who manage to master her vocal may consider these packages as part of their future planning.


Yuzuki Yukari's character status

Yukari has been one of the more successful Vocaloids in the V3 era. Her first 1 million hit song on Nico Video came in December 2014 with the original song "There's Supposed to Be a Cheat Code for Happiness". However, this number was reached nearly 3 years after her release, Yukari was slower to gain popularity compared to IA (who is considered the most successful new Vocaloid3 vocal).


Her success lead to two new additional vocals for Yuzuki Yukari V4 as well as a vocal update for her V3 vocal.


In 2015 a survey was made based on the popularity of Vocaloids on website Nico Video. For the year 2014, Yukari was the 8th most popular Vocaloid.[5]

  • First VOCALOID to also be released as a VOICEROID.
  • First AH-Software VOCALOID for VOCALOID3.
  • Has VOICEROID+ex update
  • First AH-Software VOCALOID to be updated.
  • First AH-Software VOCALOID4.
  • First AH-Software VOCALOID to receive additional voicebanks.


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