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Zhang Chuchu (章 楚楚) is an upcoming Chinese VOCALOID to be developed by Shanghai Wangcheng in collaboration with Migu Comics for the VOCALOID4 engine.

She is voiced by Wan Su (苏婉; Sū Wǎn), a voice actress from Voice Bear Studio and the winning candidate for Chuchu's audition.[1]



Zhang Chuchu was a character from the manhua "Chǔchǔ Dòng Rén" ("楚楚动仁") published by Migu Comics. Some time in 2016, Shanghai Wangcheng decided to attempt creating VOCALOID voicebanks and wanted to do so using the Business-to-Business (B2B) method. As a result, Shanghai Wangcheng collaborated with Migu Comics to give Chuchu a VOCALOID voicebank.[2] It was made known that Chuchu would be available as a VOCALOID4 under her first name since September.[3]

On November 26, a conference was held to discuss Chuchu’s development.[4]. At some point, Shanghai Wangcheng was recruiting potential voice providers for Chuchu through an audition.[5]


On April 14, 2017, Nalanxunfeng, a well known producer recruited as the voicebank developer, posted test samples on his bilibili. Four of these samples featured potential voicebanks provided by four different voice providers selected from the audition. The candidates were Jun Qing (君卿; Jūn Qīng), Jizhi de Bai (鸡汁的白; Jīzhī de Bái), jackwin (降温; Jiàngwēn), and Wan Su (苏婉; Sū Wǎn). Shanghai Wangcheng hoped to have Chuchu enter the final recording stage by April 25. Chuchu, Yuecheng, and Xin Hua were to appear in an upcoming event, which was later announced to be the "Girl's Beautiful Day" event hosted at Club MYST on May 13.[6][7] There, Chuchu was promoted alongside YALANKA Lingerie and a 3D model of her was shown.[8]

On June 21, Wan Su was confirmed to be the winning voice provider for Chuchu. jackwin was in second place while Jun Qing was in third.[9]

Chuchu, Yuecheng, and Xin Hua made promotional appearances at the 2017 FUN event hosted in Chengdu on July 1.[10]


Zhang Chuchu is the main character of the manhua "Chǔchǔ Dòng Rén" ("楚楚动仁"). She was initially a model and became a lingerie designer. Chuchu is described to be brave, lively, daring, and full of justice. Her VOCALOID counterpart markets her as a fashion idol and designer.

After her debut on May 13, 2017, her biography was altered. Her birthday is listed as August 9 and her astrological sign is a Leo. Her three sizes are listed as 88-60-90. According to the new biography, she has a girlish heart under her mature appearance and she can’t help but love cute stuff. Her special talents are finding strange and unknown things as well as origami. She likes to collect agendas and amazing design prints. Her character color is rose.


Zhāng (章) is a common Chinese surname. It could also mean "chapter" or "order". Her given name, Chǔchǔ (楚楚), means "gorgeous", "bright", "tidy", "dainty", or "charming".[11]


Chuchu’s VOCALOID appearance is much different in comparison to her manhua counterpart. She has long rose-colored hair tied in a half ponytail and a purple thigh-length dress. Her design consists of purple butterflies located on her dress, her right wrist, her necklace, the bow holding her half ponytail, her short-sleeved black shrug jacket, and her open-toed, white heels.

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Molihua (jackwin) bilibili
Molihua (Jun Qing) bilibili
Molihua (Jizhi de Bai) bilibili
Molihua (Wan Su - Winning candidate) bilibili

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Chuchu was originally from her own manhua series branded by Migu Comics. Through Shanghai Wangcheng’s B2B methods, she received a VOCALOID counterpart. Those who attended the Girl’s Beautiful Day event on May 13 received a comic featuring Chuchu, Yuecheng, and Xin Hua.[12][13] She, along with Yuecheng and Xin Hua, was also featured in a manhua known as "Butterfly".[14]

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Sandbox/Zhang Chuchu's character status

Aside from the potential backlash stemming from Chuchu’s association with Shanghai Wangcheng and its reputation as a company, she was not well liked among Chinese fans. Fans have expressed a dislike for both her and Yuecheng’s designs, particularly about how they're simple or plain in appearance.


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  5. Original post was lost, but her Weibo references it in a post to Yuecheng

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