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Zhiyu Moke (徵羽 摩柯) is a Chinese VOCALOID developed and distributed by Shanghai HENIAN Co. Ltd. He was released for the VOCALOID4 engine in August 2018.[1]

Moke was a runner up entry to the first "VOCALOID™ CHINA" contest in 2012, held for choosing the design of the first Chinese VOCALOID and was a Vsinger supporting character for four years.[2] On December 8, 2016, Moke was confirmed to be in production along with Mo Qingxian.[3]

His voice provider is Shangqing Su (苏尚卿; Sū Shàngqīng), a Chinese voice actor from 729 Studio.


According to the short animation series promoting VOCALOID CHINA, Moke is a genius with an IQ of 168. Even though he always wears an innocent and warming smile, he is actually the most Otaku of all Otaku. By starting threads in forums, editing, and uploading MVs, he is seen as a "god" by some people on the internet. He is sometimes mistaken as a girl and even though he claims he hates it, there are rumors of a popular cross-dressing cosplayer appearing in various comic conventions who looks very similar to him, however, the truth is still unknown. Because he usually doesn't talk, most people will take him as a "nice boy", but he will reveal his true Otaku self when he is with close friends. He acts somewhat like a professional debater when talking about anime or other Otaku topics, but tends to react poorly to subjects that do not interest him.[4]

In 2017, according to Shanghai HENIAN's official website, Moke is listed as a Sagittarius and that he is mixed race. It was later added that he is a high school student and that he is good at street dance. It also mentions that he fears loneliness. He has a sense of dependency on the others in the band and wishes to be useful to them.[5][6]


His original name was MOKO, however, this was dropped because it was written in a Japanese naming style rather than Chinese.

Zhǐ (徵) and (羽) are the fourth and fifth notes of the ancient Chinese pentatonic scale. His first name, Mókē (摩柯), originates in Buddhism (摩柯婆罗多 Mókēpóluóduo, i.e. Mahabharata).


The design was originally drawn by SAKU, but was refined and redrawn by illustrator ideolo.

Located on Moke’s hip in his debut design, there is a green charm with a Devanagari letter "च" (ca) which represents the "Metal" element, the "West" position, the color "white", and the "Autumn" season. This character’s Chinese equivalent is "商" (Shāng), one of the 5 Traditional Chinese melody characters which corresponds to D (re).[7]

Moke's V4 design was illustrated by TID. His color scheme changed from white and light blue to white and dark blue. His new design was more sailor-inspired compared to the debut design. His pants were white rather than black and his boots became lace-up with the Devanagari letter located on the sides. His hat has a keyboard and soundwave design on it.


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Romaji/English Miāo Wū Bú Pà
Featuring Zhiyu Moke
Producers Creuzer (tuning), Bingshan_hyozan (VSQx)
Category Cover song
Romaji/English Chónggāo Zhèngzhuàng (Sublime Symptoms)
Featuring Zhiyu Moke
Producers ToToo
Category Original song
Romaji/English Nǐhǎo, Shìjiè! (Hello World)
Featuring Zhiyu Moke
Producers Zhengxianhanshu-P
Category Original song
take a step back
Romaji/English take a step back
Featuring Zhiyu Moke
Producers Naonaozhu
Category Original song

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Romaji/English Liànjīn Shàonǚ Rìzhì (Teenage Girl Alchemist Diary)
Featuring Zhiyu Moke
Producers Xin_ARC
Category Cover song
Romaji/English Yèkōng Zhōng Zuì Liàng de Xīng (Gàishì Yīngxióng ver)
Featuring Zhiyu Moke
Producers FFF Jun
Category Cover song
Romaji/English Hēi Húdié zhī Sǐ (Death of Black Butterfly)
Featuring Zhiyu Moke
Producers tongye
Category Original song
Zhiyu Moke!
Featuring Zhiyu Moke
Category song
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Zhiyu Moke was a fan-designed VOCALOID that was entered in the first "VOCALOID CHINA" contest, like Luo Tianyi. He was created with VOCALOID fans in mind.

VOCALOID CHINA PROJECT released a five-part promotional animation series for the VOCALOID CHINA characters. On May 15, 2012, at CFO3, the full first PV was made available, mainly featuring Tianyi with Ling making a brief cameo at the end. Moke’s official introduction takes place in the third episode.

Prior to his release, Moke make an appearance at the Vsinger Live concert on June 17, 2017.[8] His voicebank made its debut with the song "Xūnǐ Shàonián". He was also scheduled to appear at bilibili Macro Link 2018 on July 20 with the rest of the Vsinger cast.[9]

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  • Moke's launch-date for his preorder period was May 30, 2018. May 30 is also the birthday of his voice provider, Shangqing Su.


Zhiyu Moke's character status

In the Chinese fandom, Moke and Longya’s popularity levels were undefined as they were about equal to each other. In the Eastern fandom, Moke appeared in less fanart and PVs than Longya.In the Western fandom, fans voiced a like for him, and he had more fanart and support compared to Longya and Qingxian in this part of the fandom.

Since his and Qingxian's release in August 2018, Moke received the most works, both original and cover songs, between the two of them.

  • One of the last VOCALOID4s to be released.


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