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Zudodon-P (ずどどんP), commonly abbreviated to zddn, produces experimental electronic music. His most well-known song "snow knows" has over 100,000 views on niconico.
STATUS:May 2008 → Active
GENRE:Alternative, Electronic, Experimental
OFFICIAL:Website: zddn
URL(s)Channel: niconico, PIAPRO, YouTube, SoundCloud, Jamendo, Bandcamp, OneDrive
PLAYLIST(s):(Playlist / Nico Nico Douga List)
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "fuse" (Miku) (May.11.2008)
  2. "monophonics" (Miku) (May.27.2008)
  3. "croak" (Miku) (Jun.20.2008)
  4. "uta girl" (Miku) (Jul.25.2008)
  5. "infidel" (Miku) (Jul.25.2008)
  6. "soil" (Miku) (Aug.20.2008)
  7. "next" (Miku) (Nov.03.2008)
  8. "w/orld" (Miku) (Nov.03.2008)
  9. "desert" (Miku) (Dec.02.2008)
  10. "snow knows" (Miku) (Dec.02.2008)
  11. "Catharsis" (Miku) (Dec.29.2008)
  12. "kumo kage tristesse" (Miku) (Jun.30.2009)
  13. "slight light" (UTAU) (Feb.07.2010)
  14. "absurde" (Miku) (Feb.07.2010)
  15. "outro" (Miku) (May.16.2010)
  16. "blnk" (Miku) (Feb.14.2011)
  17. "Ukiiro" (VY1) (May.02.2012)
  18. "Ten" (IA) (May.02.2012)
  19. "painfall" (IA) (Sep.16.2013)
  20. "vein" (VY1) (May.15.2015)
  21. "toggle" (VY1) (Aug.19.2016)
  22. "killing melody" (Miku) (Aug.19.2016)
  23. "lacerta" (IA) (Aug.19.2016)
  24. "hanagara" (VY1) (Aug.19.2016)
  25. "sovereign model six" (IA, Fuuki, Saku) (Aug.19.2016)
  26. "starlet" (Yukari) (Aug.19.2016)
  27. "lonsdaleite" (Yukari) (Aug.19.2016)
  28. "izayoi yozakura halation " (Yukari) (Aug.19.2016)

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